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Use ShowMyPC to Protect your Windows RDP Connections

Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) Support
ShowMyPC provides an additional layer of security on top of RDP, by not exposing your RDP servers directly to the public. This is especially important considering the recent increase in brute force attacks on directly exposed RDP servers*. In addition, users get near-native experience using Windows RDP. 

It’s far cheaper and easier to provide a secure remote PC access solution. 

We have never felt more isolated than we do right now facing quarantine to combat the spread of coronavirus. Workforces and teams are spread out across the country unable to attend their offices safely - previously just 7% of the US workforce was able to work from home on a regular basis**. However, that number is thought to have soared as the coronavirus crisis has deepened. While some businesses, such as gyms have been forced to close, it is feasible for others in fields like technology, marketing, and accounting to continue operations by having team members working from home during this time. This is where remote PC access becomes a lifesaver. 

Some people may be familiar with remote PC access as a result of an IT helpdesk. IT support techs often use remote access to log into the problem terminal and help the user to solve a technical issue, without having to physically be in front of the computer in question. What’s become more popular though is the need to access PCs remotely to conduct work or keep business operations flowing, especially when some team members are working from home. 

Remote PC access is a wonderful cost-saving tool for businesses who have just made the switch to home working. It removes the need for team members to take their expensive work computer home with them for the duration of lockdown, helping to keep costly equipment safe too. Your employees still need the applications installed on their office computers, not to mention their files and email. In short, being able to access a work PC from home has never been more useful than it is right now. ShowMyPC is here to help and provides easy to use functionality and many features in addition to safer RDP connections. 

Browser-Based Access with No Downloads
ShowMyPC offers browser-based access and doesn’t require anything to be downloaded. This means you can browse one computer’s desktop from another, even if the PC you need access to is sitting miles away in a closed office building.  

Individual PC URLs
Each PC on your plan is provided with its own unique URL. This means fast and easy access, wherever you are. Of course, this is handy for individual users but it’s also very useful for remote IT support teams.

Easy File Transfer
Swift file transfer facilities between the remotely accessed PC and the computer you are working on means you don’t have to waste precious time waiting for the information you need. Mobile workforces need never forget a file again.

Remote working could well be the new normal. Having fast and reliable remote PC access means you, and your whole team, can remain productive, work efficiently and continue to access all of the files, tools, and messages needed to keep clients happy throughout the lockdown period, even if your regular office is closed and your work computer located miles away.



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