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ShowMyPC Private Hosting: The Secure and Compliant Remote Desktop Solution for Businesses

In today's business world, it's more important than ever to provide remote support to your customers and employees and enable remote access for your users and devices. Subscription-based services such as ShowMyPC work seamlessly in most instances. However, there are business scenarios where the shared cloud may not be an option. ShowMyPC offers a privately hosted solution that allows you to move screen-sharing traffic via your own on-prem or cloud-hosted servers, achieving high performance, security, data privacy, and compliance.

Benefits of Private Hosting with ShowMyPC

ShowMyPC software prioritizes security with bank-grade encryption (256-bit SSH) and HTTPS/TLS 1.3 for all traffic. Hosting on your servers provides you with the same secure tools with many additional benefits:

High Performance
By keeping your screen-sharing traffic on your servers, you can avoid the latency when data is transmitted over the public Internet. You can also control the capacity of your servers and scale as needed, thus having complete control over your installation setup. This high performance and control give you the reassurance and confidence that your remote access solution is always reliable and efficient.
Private hosting with ShowMyPC empowers businesses dealing with sensitive information by providing a high degree of control over physical access, network security, user access management, and compliance with regulations, and reduces the risk of third-party breaches.
Data Privacy
On-prem hosting keeps your ShowMyPC data on-site, never touching the public Internet, which is crucial for businesses with strict data privacy rules. Imagine client medical records or financial data - on-prem ensures they stay within your secure network, reducing leak risks and complying with data residency laws. It's like having a personal vault for your sensitive screen-sharing data.
For businesses with strict compliance requirements, on-prem hosting is a lifeline. It offers more control over your data, ensuring you stay on the right side of the law. Since you control and host the software, you can confidently follow the strictest guidance of compliance requirements. This direct oversight translates into peace of mind, ensuring your business remains firmly within legal boundaries. On-premise hosting offers a sense of control and compliance that can be invaluable for companies navigating complex regulatory landscapes.
On-prem hosting is about control, flexibility, and customization. Unlike standard SaaS software, it doesn't limit your options. For instance, you can seamlessly integrate ShowMyPC with your existing security infrastructure. ShowMyPC professional services are here to work with your team, tailor customizations and integrations to your specific needs, and empower you to feel in control and valued. With ShowMyPC's private hosting, you're not just a user but the architect of your remote access solution.

While subscription-based cloud solutions offer convenience for most remote access needs, ShowMyPC's private hosting option caters to businesses demanding the ultimate in security, data privacy, and control. On-premises hosting delivers superior performance, enhanced security features ideal for sensitive data, and granular compliance adherence. Plus, customization options allow seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. For businesses requiring the ultimate control over their remote access solution, ShowMyPC's private hosting offers an unmatched solution, providing you with the peace of mind that your sensitive data is secure and compliant. Contact Us to learn more and build your screen-sharing experience, customize features, and plan details that fit your needs, and rest assured with ShowMyPC's private hosting.

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