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Make Tax Season less taxing with ShowMyPC

If you're an accountant or tax agent with clients located all over your region of operation, you'll know just how difficult it can be to find the time to fit each and every one of them in for an appointment during tax season.

And with lost appointments due to time and travel constraints comes lost revenue for your business. It’s easy to see why many accountants and tax agents urge their clients to file their accounts early to avoid missing out on important deadlines, especially if they wish to speak to you in person.

But despite these pleas to submit accounts in good time, most tax agents end up with a significant backlog of requests for help that they simply can't deal with due to time.

ShowMyPC offers innovative services that enable you to deal with your client's tax and accountancy needs from the comfort of your own office easily.

Online meetings

The ability to meet online instead of in person not only saves time for both parties but also frees up time to service the needs of other clients during a busy tax season. The premium meeting system allows several parties to join an online meeting and share screen and files instantly. This makes it much easier and less stressful for both parties to complete the required tax return and ask questions, all in real time.

This transparency is something that current users of ShowMyPC most enjoy about our systems, and it is especially useful for tax agents and accountants who wish to walk their clients through the process. It is great for demonstrating the quality of the service being offered and makes for more accurate returns too, as the information shared can then be imputed on to the system during the meeting itself, saving additional follow up time.

File sharing

ShowMyPC services allow users to securely share files on their computer from any device or location with a good internet connection. This can be used during a meeting when both parties are actively working on the returns, or offline by the client to share all needed documents with the accountant/tax personnel so they can work on them offline.

Ease of access

Another benefit of ShowMyPC is an automated session link provided via phone or email so that your clients know exactly when and how to connect to the system. Neither you nor they will ever miss out on an important customer meeting, reducing the threat of last minute panics, late filings, and penalties.

Branded Application

ShowMyPC allows business users to customize to your brand, with your company logo and custom application title.


To find out more about the full range of benefits available to accountants and tax agents via Show My PC, click here to find out more or contact us on (888) 930 1116

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