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How to be Productive When Working Remotely

The modern worker has all the right tools and a flexible way of life that working from any part of the world is possible. However, if you are to change your location and work remotely without prior preparation, you might end up causing more harm than good. Preparation is key if you are to be productive even when working remotely. Whether you are at home or office you need to get the work done. There are a number of things you need to do to remain as productive as you can.

What is the plan?

It’s important to know the expected outcome and objectives to be accomplished every day. For instance, having shared tools and data accessible wherever you are is critical to the completion and accomplishment of your daily targets. That’s why an access to home or office computer is important. ShowMyPC offers services that allow you to manage and access multiple unattended computers from a home PC or mobile gadgets. Wherever you may be working from, access to files, different computers and important tools will not be a problem.

Remote presentations

Most businesses and workers in diverse companies, from SME’s to large corporations require high level presentations from time to time. Many will tell you that accomplishing a quality and effective business conference and presentations live is not possible while working remotely. However, this can’t be true considering there are so many tools and products that make presentations of any kind a very easy job from wherever you are around the country and globally. We provide remote support and meetings services providing a unique platform?to conduct demonstrations and meetings online, seamlessly. You even have the option of customizing as you would like it to be. Training and helping remotely is possible and easy today.

Deal with distractions

Working remotely, especially at home, means you have a score of distractions to deal with. This can be roommates, family members like kids, video games, TV and movies or a well stocked fridge. All these could impact hugely on your concentration. You can deal with this by setting up a well defined office. Any time you enter the designated space, treat it like you would the company’s office where your boss lurks behind the corner monitoring your steps. From a kitchen table with an ergonomic chair, a spare room, garage or the attic, any space with less distraction will work just fine. Ensure all the tools and equipment you need are within reach in the new office space you have created. Otherwise, you will be moving to another area of the room frequently to collect them only to succumb to distractions such as putting the TV on.

Remember why you need to work

Sometimes creating the best remote working environment and making everything comfortable makes people forget the reason they have to work. When distractions come and lots of things in between, remind yourself why you need the job, such as paying bills, growing your company, paying school fees, feeding your family, paying rent and servicing a mortgage. Even the best tools for working remotely will fall on their face if you have no reason to wake up every morning.

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