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How to Manage Users in ShowMyPC

User management is a critical component of any account portal. It allows account admins to control who has access to the account and their access level. This is important for security purposes, as it helps to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Here are some of the benefits of user management and roles:

Increased security
By defining user roles and permissions, administrators can restrict access to sensitive data and applications, preventing unauthorized access and data breaches.

Improved efficiency
User management can help to streamline and automate tasks such as user onboarding and offboarding, password management, and access provisioning. This frees up administrators’ time so they can focus on other critical tasks.

Enhanced compliance
User management facilitates organizational compliance with data privacy regulations, including CCPA and GDPR. By tracking user access and activity, organizations can demonstrate that they are taking steps to protect sensitive data.

Improved user experience
User management can provide users with a more efficient and secure experience. For example, users can be automatically granted the permissions they need to perform their jobs without having to request access from an administrator.

ShowMyPC’s user management feature enables account admins to add and remove users from their accounts and manage their access and roles. This feature is recommended for multi-user accounts and is not available for single-user accounts that are using 2-factor authentication. This functionality can be accessed through the account dashboard.

How can ShowMyPC account owners let multiple users use the same account?

With the new user management feature, ShowMyPC accounts can be shared with multiple users. Each user can manage and access a separate set of remote PCs based on their assigned roles. Remote PCs allocated to a specific user are only visible to the right owner, keeping your distributed installations safe and secure using a single account.

The following three user roles are available, allowing the account to grant different levels of access for finer control of the account security.

1) Admin

2) Manager

3) User

The feature offers the following access and privileges, assigning to each role the required level of control for optimal efficiency.

Manage settings and billing
Gives account admins access to the settings and billing details on the account.

Manage users and roles
Provides the admin user access to add and remove users from the account and the ability to change the users’ roles.

Manage all PCs
Gives access to manage all PCs in the account, as well as all the account logs.

Manage PCs matching user’s email
This limited access only allows the user to see the PCs on which the service was installed using the user’s email.

Access and Role assignment chart

Use management is available to the following account types:
Professional and above
Service10 and above

ShowMyPC's user management allows you to seamlessly control the security and access of your account. Contact Us to learn more.

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