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Which businesses are best suited to working remotely

Whilst it's true that working remotely can offer fantastic benefits to a plethora of different businesses, it's fair to say that some are more suited to working remotely than others. Why's that? The benefits of working remotely are simply better suited to roles of a certain nature. A teacher can mark coursework from home, but a plumber obviously can't fix a toilet or repair a faulty sink from their bedroom.

Businesses requiring office or desk-based staff dominate the companies with most to gain from working remotely, and we've compiled a list of the types of businesses likely to be seeing an increase in either fully or partly home-based workers soon.

  • Marketing businesses

Many positions within the vast field of marketing benefit hugely from the advantages offered by working remotely. Marketing businesses often hire freelance writers or SEO wizards to make their client's businesses tick from home. Businesses also often benefit from slashing their wage bills; so many marketing professionals are happy to accept a reduced salary in return for being able to work from their own creative space at home, meaning marketing companies are one of the businesses that stand to benefit the most from the rise of the remote worker.

  • IT companies

IT professionals, given they have the same software at home as they would have in the office, can do almost all their duties from a remote location. Large companies often use IT service desks based abroad to manage their email systems and fix bugs with Intranet portals from thousands of miles away. It's not uncommon to call a service desk and have someone from India guide you through your computer issues via a screen-share and explain what they're doing over the phone. The perks of working remotely!

  • Online education

The number of online classrooms is growing every day. You can do entire degrees online through organizations such as the Open University, and students the world over will testify to doing a majority of their coursework from the comfort of their own room. Virtual teachers and online tutors need simply upload their essay questions or PowerPoint presentations online and reply to their student's questions via email.

  • Tech

Big tech companies that require customer service professionals are another area in which remote workers are thriving and growing in number. Massive companies such as Apple and Amazon utilize at-home advisors and virtual contact center workers to deliver fantastic levels of customer service from their apartments and studios.

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