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Tips to keep meetings productive when you have zero time to spare

Meetings have an annoying tendency to over-run when you least need them to. As those extra few moments roll into thirty minutes or more, you find yourself wondering how you're going to make up for the time you've lost in a meeting that's strayed away from its agenda.

If you're fed up of having to rush through the rest of your working day because a meeting has overrun, try our top tips to help keep your next one productive.

Make sure that everyone has the meeting details they need

Latecomers to a meeting can hold things back for a few minutes at least, so it's not a great start if one or more attendees finds themselves struggling to meet at the correct time or seems to lack the meeting details they need.

ShowMyPC not only allows you to conduct meetings entirely online, but the system will also send all details to each attendee telling the time, date and link to connect to the meeting via phone or email.

Stick to the agenda

It can be easy for attendees to deviate from the agenda, but by sharing your screen with the agenda open, you are far less likely to get people going off topic during your meeting.

Not only will this help keep your meeting to an assigned timeframe, but you’ll ensure that all agenda items are covered too!

Share any necessary documents

If you’ll be referring to a series of files or folders during your meeting, you can bet that at least one person will have mislaid them. Using the remote PC or home access offered by ShowMyPC, everyone should be able to quickly find the files they need from any location and share them with the necessary people in mere moments.

Talk to attendees outside of the office

It can be easy to put a meeting off if an attendee has popped out of the office unexpectedly, but this only serves to hold up key projects. Instead, the ShowMyPC system allows your attendees to join the meeting using any laptop, PC or mobile device even when they’re not at their desk or in the office.

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