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Three easy ways to beat the procrastination problem

In most businesses, you’ll usually find that there’s someone who’s a real pro when it comes to procrastination. Leaving projects until the next day, or trying to pass them off to someone else isn’t just frustrating, it can also seriously hinder the productivity of your entire business.

We all fall victim to procrastination from time to time but the good news is, it’s a habit that can be beaten thanks to a number of products from ShowMyPC that make it easy to complete our remote tasks seamlessly.

I’m not at my PC right now

If you’re not at your PC, it’s easy to justify putting off a job such as completing a report or connecting with a client but, that can lead to a bigger workload and even more imposing to do list later.

Having the ability to access files on your PC even when you’re not in the office means you’re empowered to take action immediately so you can get the files and documents you need easily, whatever your location, and tick off that task.

I don’t have the files I need

If you’ve tasked someone with a particular project that requires sensitive or large files that you aren’t able to send via email, ShowMyPC's file transfer function offers a safe, secure and quick way around this tempting reason to delay the job until later.

The file transfer tool gives you the ability to securely transfer large files to any PC within minutes, so there’s no good reason why your colleague can’t get to work on that important task immediately.

I’m not able to make that meeting

If you're coordinating an important task between people and need to hold a meeting, attempts to reschedule due to inconveniences like traffic or weather can upset everyone’s timetable and delay jobs or cause deadlines to be missed.

Instead of rescheduling your meeting for a later date, an online meeting means that you won't have to find time in your diary again to speak with your colleagues. A remote meeting is also a much more efficient use of time, meaning that there’s less reason to procrastinate and lost more motivation to get it ticked off.

For more information on how the technology available from ShowMyPC can help ensure that office procrastinators have little choice than be productive, take a look at our wide range of time-saving packages here.

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