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The benefits of working remotely when starting a new business

Starting a new business can be difficult at the best of times, but remote working can be an often overlooked option that helps many of the challenges faced by new companies looking to get their business off the ground.

Freeing up finance

Entrepreneurs seeking investment for their new venture can have their dreams doused by shrewd lenders being cautious about lending money, particularly in the current economic climate where many anticipate another credit crunch to come soon. Although remote working doesn’t offer a complete solution to this problem, choosing remote workers over renting your own new office space will save you a considerable amount of cash. This means you can ask to borrow much less and are more likely to persuade the bank to give you the money you need thanks to the lessened risk to the lender. Many workers are also prepared to accept a reduced salary in return for the comfort of working from home, meaning the wage bill of your new business could also be slashed by opting for remote working.


Hiring the right people is arguably more imperative than ever during the start-up phase of your new business. You need individuals with energy, charisma and dedication who will share your vision and help make your idealized version of your new venture a reality. What if you find the perfect person, or people, to do so but they live on the other side of the country, or are put off joining you by the thought of a soul-crushing commuting slog every day? Remote working solves this problem instantly by giving you access to the right person for the job regardless of where they live. This broadens your potential talent pool massively and means that you don’t miss out on that golden employee who may hold the key to your start-up success.

Getting more out of your staff

So, you’ve hired your perfect candidate, now how to get the best out of them? Remote working gets much more out of workers, and the statistics to back it are hard to argue with. A study by Microsoft found that a whopping 45% of workers were more productive when working from home, and 38% were less stressed, with stress being a well-known productivity killer. Getting the very best out of your new staff could make or break your start-up, making the increase of more productive workers a more attractive option than ever for new businesses. If you’re considering remote working for your new business, why not check out our products or give us a call so we can offer you a bespoke service to make your start-up dream a reality.

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